About Us

I started the scooter spot after graduating and entering the real world of work. It sucked. Especially commuting.

I decided I couldn’t just keep doing what other people were doing, and I remembered the electric razor scooter I had as a kid. Right there I decided to buy a commuter scooter and start using it to get around. It changed my life when I was out in the open street, out of my car, and most importantly out of traffic. I believe electric scooters, bike, and other smaller forms of transportation are a great way for people to get around and enjoy life.

At one point I worked for a youtuber who also did product reviews. It was fun. I realized I was building someone else’s brand and supporting their interests, though, not mine. Here I’ve combined my interest in scooters, YouTube, and web to create a brand that helps you get out of your car.