Best Electric Scooter Brands

Our picks for our favorite scooter brands by category.

The electric scooter market is fairly new and electric scooter brands have begun to pop up, making it a little like the wild west. Prices are all over the place, features are all over the place, and few brands have become household names. After trying some electric scooters and listening to others, here are my picks for the best brands for different needs.

Best Budget Electric Scooter Brand


The electric scooter market is fairly young, and because of this electric scooter brands and their prices are all over the place. This means you can end up paying a premium price for standard features. On the flip side of that is GoTrax, which offers great ranges and speeds for about $100 less than its competitors. For most budget scooters you’d expect the consequence to be lower quality builds, but that’s not the case for GoTrax.

GoTrax offers the XR Elite Max, which is the cheapest scooter that’s not a toy. For anyone who simply wants to pay as little as possible, this is a great choice. It offers speeds of 15.5 mph and a range of 12 miles

GoTrax XR Elite Max

Take your commute to the MAX! The XR Elite MAX is the latest electric scooter from GOTRAX. This e-scooter takes some of the great features from our other electric scooters, such as one-touch folding and reactive brake light and adds to it.

If you’re looking to go a further and faster, the GoTrax G4 is their best commuter option. This is the scooter I personally use most. It has a top speed of 20 mph and range of 16 miles

GoTrax G4

The G series features electric scooters for the ultimate commuters looking to ride some serious distance and speed. The G4’s powerful motor and battery allows riders to travel up to 25 miles per charge, at speeds up to 20 mph. This best-selling electric scooter is a GOTRAX community favorite.

Overall GoTrax is the king of budget scooters. You simply get great features for the best prices in the industry. There generally is no drawback with GoTrax, you simply don’t get a lot of the bonus features that other scooters may offer.

Best Value Electric Scooter Brand


As a shopper I love value. Getting a product with the best mix of quality and price is a beautiful thing. That’s what Hiboy offers. I often look to Hiboy for a midpoint or baseline of what prices for certain specs should look like. They offer solid features, solid prices, and pretty much no drawbacks.

Hiboy offers the right price for the right specs, but they also build great quality electric scooters than many other electric scooter brands. Their handlebars and dashboards are clean, the folding is intuitive, and on many models they include honeycomb tires. These are great because they are solid, which means you don’t have to worry about popping a tire, and they also have some give which acts as a suspension. 

If you’re looking to buy a Hiboy I recommend their flagship model, the Hiboy S2. As a consumer, this is my overall top pick for any scooter. The value is just spot on.

Hiboy S2

Foldable and portable for adult daily use. Fast speed and long range for commuting or city adventuring. Hiboy beginners’ best choice.

If you need a little more range and speed, you can opt for the Hiboy S2 pro. It’s essentially the same electric scooter as the base S2 model, you just pay a little more for the added stats. overall Hiboy builds quality scooters for a fair price. They include durable features which adds to the lifetime value, so you can trust that you’re money will be well spent.

Hiboy S2 Pro

Upgraded from S2, the most popular model, foldable and portable for adult daily use. Higher power and longer range than its brother S2 for commuting or city adventuring.

Best Premium Electric Scooter Brand

Segway Ninebot

If you’re looking to buy an electric scooter, you’ve probably ridden on a Bird or Lime. These scooters are often made using Ninebot Segway then adding on some additional branding. Now if you live in any place with these scooters you see how they’re treated. They’re left in the rain, ridden by hundreds of different people, and often thrown to the ground. They’re gritty, strong scooters, and that’s what Segway offers.

Looking from a simple price to stats (range and speed) perspective, this isn’t the best deal out of all electric scooter brands. However, Segway offers more than other brands and provides more than just raw stats. The build quality is like no other, making it an electric scooter you’ll feel safe riding. Small bumps, a little rain, or any other hitch in your ride won’t be enough to takedown their scooters.

If you’re looking to buy a Segway I recommend the Segway ninebot max. This is probably the consumer electric scooter you’ve seen people riding around town. It’s one of the first to the market and remains one of the best out there. It is priced in the upper range of commuter scooters, but it provides superior range, power, and resiliency.

Ninebot Kickscooter Max

Ninebot Kickscooter Max by Segway is designed to be the most sturdy and powerful electric scooter.

Overall Segway helped pioneer the electric scooter industry. The quality of their products have gone a long way in convincing people that scooters are a valid mode of transportation.

Best Long Range Electric Scooter Brand


Range anxiety is a real thing. Being halfway to your destination and having to worry if you’re going to make it is not an enjoyable experience, so buying a scooter for its range is not a bad decision. One way to get range is to simply spend more money. The more expensive the scooter the more likely it has more range. Another, better option is to find an electric scooter that simply offers the best range for the price.

Turboant blows all other competitors out of the water in terms of range with the Turboant X7  pro. It offers a huge 30 mile range, and it pairs this with speeds up to 20mph and a midrange price. Another plus of Turboant is the availability of spare parts. You can replace almost any part of the scooter, meaning you can stick with one model for years to come.

Turboant X7 Pro

Detachable battery design allows for a fast battery change and convenient charge. 350 W motor and 20 mph top speed for powerful and flexible ridings.

A negative for Turboant, and this is subjective, is that the removable battery lives on the tiller. This means the weight of the scooter is front loaded making the deck fairly light. Overall though the Turboant X7 pro is the best deal I’ve seen for range.

Ryan’s Takeaways

The electric scooter market is still young, but there are a good amount of electric scooter brands out there to serve every type of need. With that being said, there is a huge variety in terms of price for stats. Before buying any scooter explore similarly priced options to make sure you’re not overpaying for what you don’t need or features you don’t want. If you do you’ll find some great electric scooters and find the one that’s right for you!