GIRO Fixture MIPS Review

After buying an electric scooter the next thing you want to buy is either a helmet or bike lock. Helmets are often forgotten about when using a scooter, but if you’re going to be riding frequently you should definitely be wearing one. I know the struggle of not wanting to wear one and not wanting to buy another scooter accessory, so I looked long and hard for a good one. I wanted one that wouldn’t make me stand out, would fit comfortably, and wouldn’t hurt my wallet too much. I went with the GIRO Fixture MIPS, and I’m happy to say it was the right choice.

The Pros

  • Great Price
  • Modular Look
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Comfortable

The Cons

  • Not Suitable For More Powerful Scooters



The dirt is calling. Get after it in the fixture™ MIPS® helmet, featuring modern design, MIPS technology, and deep coverage.

The Price

The GIRO Fixture MIPS is currently $70 on the GIRO website, making it a great deal for a helmet. I shopped in stores because I knew nothing about helmets, and I noticed a distinct gap in prices. Kids helmets and cheap helmets in general were $50 and under, while adult helmets were $100 plus. When I saw a high price I immediately moved on to the next helmet and eventually landed on the GIRO. It looked pretty similar to other helmets just with a much better price, so this is the one I went with.

So, the GIRO Fixture MIPS stood out to me as a great value helmet. For whatever reason it’s price was simply the best one I saw by far. The only tradeoff that maybe exists for this is that the helmet is simple. For me thats a plus, but more seasoned riders may want something more substantial. Especially if you’re riding a premium scooter that rips up the road, you may want to check out other helmets. But, if you’re riding a commuter scooter this will serve you well.

The Features

The Look


The ideal helmet for me is one that you don’t notice at all. No bright colors, no flashy features, just a simple helmet. That’s what the GIRO Fixture MIPS provides. The picture above is the color scheme I went with, but they all generally follow this style. One Main matte color and one accent color used sparingly.

A great feature of the Fixture MIPS is that the visor is detachable. This is especially important for people buying a helmet online, because you don’t know how a helmet will look on you until you try it on. With the visor on the helmet is extended, and this generally looks better on people with oval and long faces. With the visor off the helmet looks more like a rounder skater helmet. This tends to look better on people with rounder faces. So, you’re not stuck with one look when you buy this helmet.

The Fit

Comfort is huge for a helmet. People are already reluctant to wear one on bikes and scooters, and an uncomfortable helmet is a huge turnoff. Luckily the GIRO Fixture MIPS feels great. It has fairly thick cushioning pads throughout the interior to ensure it sits on your head nicely. I recall being a kid and having a helmet with bad cushioning. The helmet would bump on my head and my hair would get stuck and pulled on. With the Fixture MIPS I don’t notice anything at all. Once I’ve been riding it for a minute or two I forget about it.

The GIRO Fixture MIPS also has an easy to use knob on the back to tighten and untighten the helmet. This gives it a “one size fits all” nature because you can adjust the fit to your head. It’s simple to put the helmet on, adjust the knob, then have a helmet that fits you perfectly. The back pad that this sits on is also pretty wide, making it sit nicely on the back of your head. More narrow pieces can dig into the back of your head and make you uncomfortable, but this one feels nice.

What Is MIPS?

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Essentially most falls that occur when wearing a helmet involve rotational forces, which are more dangerous to your brain. A helmet with MIPS technology is designed to counteract this force to keep you as safe as possible. It does this by including a low friction layer in the helmet that allows some rotational movement to reduce the energy transferred to your head. You can read more about it here on the MIPS website.

Bottom line is you’re buying a helmet to be safe, so you want to make sure your helmet has technology that does this best. So, even though the GIRO Fixture MIPS is a great value, you don’t lose out on what matters most.



The dirt is calling. Get after it in the fixture™ MIPS® helmet, featuring modern design, MIPS technology, and deep coverage.

Who Should Buy the GIRO Fixture MIPS?

The GIRO Fixture MIPS is a great helmet in general, but it really shines for anyone buying a helmet online. This is due to how modular the helmet is. First the detachable visor allows you to wear it in a style that looks best for your face shape. Second, the knob on the back allows you to make the helmet fit your head perfectly in seconds. Lastly, it’s just a great deal. You get a great looking helmet with all the functionality you need for a fantastic price. So if you’re shopping online and don’t know what to buy, I’d but this one. If you’re shopping in stores, I’d still buy this one.