GoTrax G3 Review

GoTrax G3

The GoTrax G3 is another budget entry from GoTrax, and I expected to get a budget built product. This isn’t meant to say I thought the scooter would be bad, instead I assumed the scooter would be solid but barebones. As soon as I opened up the box, though, I was amazed at the quality of construction and the features packed in for a great price. After trying it out I’m happy to confirm that the G3 is a winner, with an above average build and performance, and a below average cost.

The Pros

  • High Quality Construction
  • Easy to use Folding
  • Consistent Ride
  • Budget Price

The Cons

  • 15.5 Mph Speed Limit

GoTrax G3

Riders looking for high performing specs without digging into the higher price range will love the G3.

The Features

The Fundamental Stats

GoTrax G3
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Tested Range: 11 miles
  • Motor: 350 W

Despite the price, the GoTrax G3 is really a mid-range commuter scooter. The stats are pretty average for this class of scooter, with a top speed of 15.5 mph and a tested range of 10 mph. Though this is standard for mid-range commuter scooters, it is certainly not standard for this price. What really stands out for the G3, though, is the motor. Most budget scooters will get you a 300 W motor, but GoTrax is able to provide a step up with the 350 W motor. Though it may seem like a slight change, you can feel the difference in acceleration and hill climbing ability. You don’t feel super speedy, but definitely don’t feel slugish.

The Handlebars & Display

GoTrax G3 Handlebars

The GoTrax G3 comes with handlebars that are holistically upgraded compared to older models, and it is impressive to see the features they’ve included considering the price. Starting with the grips themselves, the G3 is made of finely textured rubber. This feels nice to hold and provides a lot of traction, and almost reads as the knurling you’d find on a barbell. For a budget scooter, I definitely didn’t expect the grips to be this luxury.

Moving inwards we’ll find some buttons on the left that provide a whole host of functionality. In addition to powering the scooter you can change gears, turn the lights on, enter a pin code to unlock the scooter, and even hold the minus button while walking to have the scooter gently move with you. I usually ask for very little in a scooter beyond the basic functionality, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy being able to more easily walk my scooter inside. Again the GoTrax G3 delights and goes well beyond what is expected of a budget scooter.

Now turning to the brake and bell, we still find some upgraded features. The brake is a standard and responsive pneumatic brake, but the bell is a step above the basics. As opposed to old school bells where you pull a trigger and release to have it come back and hit the metal, the G3’s bell rings as you pull the trigger. This is minor, but it feels way better and creates a more consistent noise.

Finally getting to the display, we again see an upgraded feature. The console itself just looks sturdy and robust, and it comes with some features that I mentioned earlier. Beyond this it operates just like any other screen on a scooter. It shows your speed and battery, and it does this well in any lighting.

The Folding & Tiller

The GoTrax G3 comes with a nice and easy to use folding mechanism. At the bottom of the stem you’ll find a latch that is easy to fold up and down. allowing the scooter to be folded fairly quickly. Folding the stem down can be a little awkward though, as the tiller moves around pretty freely. So, you have to consciously direct it to the bracket found on the back wheel. This isn’t overly difficult, but it requires some attention as you hook the handlebars into the back.

The GoTrax G3 also comes with a built in wire lock. I know some people will say that you need a more substantial lock like a chain or U-lock, but I absolutley love this. I live in a fairly safe neighborhood, so I felt confident using the wire. It’s super convenient to not have to carry around my own lock, and it makes riding the scooter feel much more freeing.

The Wheels & Deck

GoTrax G3 Deck

Making it down the the bottom of the GoTrax G3 we have a nice looking deck. I measured it to be 6.5 in. wide and have 17.5 in in between where the stem ends and the back tire starts. For me this simply meant I had tons of space. My feet easily fit on the scooter and felt secure during the ride. A nice detail to call out is the welding at the base of the stem. It looks consistent and neat, and is a testament to the build quality.

GoTrax G3 Wheels

The GoTrax G3 then comes with 8.5 in. pneumatic tires. Air filled tires provide a superior and smooth ride, and this was the case with the G3. If this is your first scooter, it helps to compare to rentals like Bird and Lime. Those scooters usually have 10 in. tires, so these are a little smaller and you’ll feel closer to the ground. They still provide plenty of suspension, though.

The Ride

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Now that we’ve gone through all the hardware on the GoTrax G3 let’s get to the ride. This is always a product of the build, so what I say here should be consistent with what I’ve said about the individual parts. Luckily, every part of the G3 is great, and so is the ride. The air filled tires make for a smooth ride over smooth trails, bumpy roads, and even brick paths. You are definitely aware of bumps you encounter, but their effects are negligible. As for acceleration, the 350 W motor does a great job of getting you up to the top speed. This is certainly not a performance scooter that will have you whipping around, but the time to top speed feels fair. All in all, it’s a great ride for commuting and getting around town.

Something that I’d like to call out is the consistency of your speed. Budget scooters often top out at 15.5 mph, and they do a fairly poor job of maintaining this speed. When you near top speed they pull you back and force you to crawl for a couple of seconds. This is very disruptive to the ride, but luckily the G3 has no such problem. It seamlessly keeps you under 15.5 mph and provides no interruptions to your ride when keeping you under this number.

GoTrax G3

Riders looking for high performing specs without digging into the higher price range will love the G3.

Who Should Buy The G3?

As you can probably tell I’m super impressed by the GoTrax G3. It feels like a high end scooter with it’s sturdy construction and all of its quality of life features, yet it has a budget price. It exceeded all of my expectations, and because of this I would recommend the G3 for both people wanting an entry level scooter and a mid-range scooter. It fits both purposes and, if someone asked me my recommendation for a general use commuter scooter, it would be this one.

Ryan’s Takeaways

GoTrax has been my favorite brand in the electric scooter space since day one because I value a good deal over everything. They have simply provided the best prices on scooters for a while, yet they historically haven’t made the best overall rides. With the G3, though, they’ve stepped up their game and have a truly high quality scooter. This is even more impressive because they’re able to sell it for the same budget price. So, GoTrax is winning on both price and quality, making them a top name in the game.