GoTrax GMAX Ultra Review

GoTrax GMAX Ultra

The GoTrax GMAX Ultra is GoTrax’s top of the line commuter scooter. It boasts the highest speeds, longest range, and best build of any GoTrax commuter scooter (in 2023 GoTrax released some more powerful performance scooters, but they don’t really classify as commuters). If you’re intent on consistently commuting to work or getting around town with a scooter, the GMAX Ultra is a solid investment that will reliably get you where you need to go.

The Pros

  • High Quality Construction
  • Improved Folding
  • Long Range
  • Better Price Than Similar Competitors

The Cons

  • Not Anything Severe Enough to Note!

GoTrax GMAX Ultra

For riders wanting it all, look no further than the GMAX Ultra. Not only can you travel up to 45 miles per charge and speeds up to 20 mph, but we’ve also included a built-in lock so that your ride is safe no matter where you go.

The Features

The Fundamental Stats

  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Tested Range: 27 miles
  • Motor: 500 W

The Handlebars & Display

GoTrax GMAX Ultra Handlebars

The GoTrax GMAX Ultra comes with a large display that deviates from the standard rectangular screen most scooters have. Here you can see your speed, battery and range. Nice and simple, just how I like it. Using the buttons found on the left you can power the scooter, switch gears, turn on the lights, and even lock and unlock the scooter. The GMAX Ultra comes with a nice digital lock where you enter in a 3 digit pin of your choice. This is nice, and you can remove this layer of security if you just want to hop on and ride.

The handlebars are an upgrade from lower end models and offer a premium textured grip. This not only provides more traction, but its also more comfortable. Rather than rigid plastic, the handlebars are softer and offer some cushion. This is a small detail, but it goes a long way in making the GMAX Ultra feel like a premium ride.

The Folding & Tiller

GoTrax GMAX Ultra Folding

The GoTrax GMAX Ultra offers improved folding when compared to lower end models. There’s a simple latch in the front that, when pulled down, released the tiller and allows it to fold down. From here, you guide the hook into the catch on the back wheel. This is pretty easy to do, the only thing that is a little awkward is the fact that the tiller can swing horizontally as well. So you have to consciously guide it down the the back wheel, it won’t move their automatically.

A nice bonus on the GMAX ultra is the wire lock found at the bottom of the stem. You pull out the wire, wrap it around a bike rack, and plug it into a hole back on the scooter. From here you use a combination lock to release the wire. I know what people are going to say: This isn’t strong enough and you need a proper U-lock or chain lock. For many people this may be true, but in safer areas I’ve felt comfortable using this lock. Use it or not, it’s a nice add-on

The Wheels & Deck

At The bottom of the GoTrax GMAX Ultra we have a large deck with ample room for your feet. Something I’ve come to appreciate about the GMAX after reviewing other scooters is the quality of construction. Other brands cut corners on the base by gluing on a textured pad or allowing screws and nuts to stick out. The GMAX Ultra, though, has a cohesive, intentionally built base.

The GoTrax GMAX Ultra comes with 10 in. pneumatic tires. For this price range this is pretty standard, so nothing really noteworthy here. These large tires make the ride feel substantial, and they do a great job of providing some suspension.

The Ride

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The GoTrax GMAX Ultra provides the best ride of any GoTrax. The throttle and kick to start is responsive, the acceleration is strong, and the range is great. GoTrax isn’t really known for breakneck acceleration, but the GMAX Ultra does step up their game with its 500 W Motor. Again it’s not super fast, but definitely faster than I had hoped for. The standout feature for me here is the great range. On lower end scooters you watch your battery trickle down and worry if you’re going to make it home. On the GMAX ultra, there’s no range anxiety.

The GoTrax GMAX Ultra also provides a super smooth, consistent ride. At 20 mph air filled tires are all you need to provide enough suspension. I never found myself wishing I had a dedicated suspension when riding in the street, bike lanes, or sidewalks. Overall there are no compromises with the ride, and in this price range their shouldn’t be.

GoTrax GMAX Ultra

For riders wanting it all, look no further than the GMAX Ultra. Not only can you travel up to 45 miles per charge and speeds up to 20 mph, but we’ve also included a built-in lock so that your ride is safe no matter where you go.

Who Should Buy The XR Elite Max?

The GoTrax GMAX Ultra is GoTrax’s higher end commuter scooter, and it’s made for those committed to using a scooter to get around. The top speed of 20 mph, huge range, and quality build are made for someone who’s willing to spend just a little more for a premium ride. The nice thing about GoTrax, though, is they offer high quality scooters for less than competitors. And this is without sacrificing any quality.

The stats of the scooter make it perfect for riding in city streets and over the course of long bike lanes.

Ryan’s Takeaways

I’ve reviewed a lot of GoTrax electric scooters, and the GMAX Ultra puts all the pieces together to make a premium ride. This is a scooter I ride all the time because there are no compromises, and there’s no reason to ride a lower end model when I have this.