GoTrax XR Elite Max Review

The GoTrax XR Elite Max marks GoTrax’s move away from being a budget brand. The price is still great an affordable, but they’re upping their game and improving on old models. I was delighted to see that GoTrax addressed many of my critiques and created a ride that smooths out the kinks. This entry level scooter feels anything but entry level.

The Pros

  • High Quality Construction
  • Improved Folding
  • Consistent Ride
  • Budget Price

The Cons

  • 15.5 Mph Speed Limit

GoTrax XR Elite Max

Take your commute to the MAX! The XR Elite MAX is the latest electric scooter from GOTRAX. This e-scooter takes some of the great features from our other electric scooters, such as one-touch folding and reactive brake light and adds to it.

The Features

The Fundamental Stats

GoTrax XR Elite Max Overview
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Tested Range: 12 miles
  • Motor: 350 W

The Handlebars & Display

GoTrax XR Elite Max Handlebars

The GoTrax XR Elite Max brings a new, sleeker display. This comes with blue text instead of white, and this is a pleasant surprise. This makes the interface super visible even during peak sunlight. On the screen itself you’ll find speed, remaining battery, and your gear. The button below can be used to power the scooter, switch gears, and turn on the lights. The display is super intuitive to use and allows you to focus on your ride.

The Handlebars themselves are made of a rigid plastic material that comes with texturing for grip. These handlebars certainly aren’t luxury, as there’s no cushion, but they’re perfectly comfortable. I’ve never had an issue maintaining my grip or getting fatigue holding on.

The Folding & Tiller

GoTrax XR Elite Max Folding

The GoTrax XR Elite Max comes with a two step folding system. It isn’t difficult to use, but it’s no intuitive. It’ll take you a couple of tries before you get it right (or only one if you’re smarter than me). At the base of the tiller you pull out a knob and twist, then you can pull the red lever down to begin lowering the stem. From here the latch in the back is actually a pleasant surprise. The Max model has a nice space that catches the hook, and the tiller guides right into place. When you want to unfold the scooter, you simply compress the fender and the tiller is freed. It’s nice to see that GoTrax improved the latching mechanism so its much easier to fold up your scooter.

One call out though is the awkward transition between kickstand to no kickstand when folding. When you start folding your kickstand will be down to support the scooter. After you fold the scooter, though, it will fall forward. Here you need to kick the kickstand back up so the scooter can lay flatly on the ground. A little annoying, but not a dealbreaker.

The Wheels & Deck

GoTrax XR Elite Max Wheel

Making it down the the bottom of the XR Elite Max we have a nice looking deck. I measured it to be 6.5 in. wide and have 18 in in between where the stem ends and the back tire starts. I had plenty of room here and never even thought about foot space while riding. I’m a pretty skinny guy though, so someone bigger may need a larger deck.

The GoTrax XR Elite Max comes with 10 in. pneumatic tires. For this price range this is actually a big deal. The older generation of this scooter had 8.5 in tires, so GoTrax is making a conscious effort to upgrade their scooters. These big tires make the scooter feel much more substantial, and they provide cushion while riding. While there’s no formal suspension, I felt like the tires got the job done.

The Ride

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Now that we’ve gone through all the hardware on the GoTrax XR Elite Max let’s get to the ride. The air filled tires make for a smooth ride over smooth trails, bumpy roads, and even brick paths. This is especially true do to the upgraded, larger 10 in. tires. As for acceleration, the 350 W motor does a fair job of getting you up to the top speed. You will notice slower acceleration on hills, but you still get up to that top speed. The quality of ride, though, for this price is unmatched. Most scooters on the lower end sacrifice build quality (and therefore ride quality) but the Max doesn’t. As a budget scooter, though, you’re not going to be whipping around the street. If you’re looking for a true joyride, I’d look elsewhere.

Something that I’d like to call out is the improved kick to start. With the older model I noticed that the scooter would often fail to start, even though I was moving. This was due to the speed threshold being too high. Here I noticed that they lowered the threshold, meaning it’s easier to start moving. With the XR Elite Max I had no problem moving when I pulled the throttle.

GoTrax XR Elite Max

Take your commute to the MAX! The XR Elite MAX is the latest electric scooter from GOTRAX. This e-scooter takes some of the great features from our other electric scooters, such as one-touch folding and reactive brake light and adds to it.

Who Should Buy The XR Elite Max?

The GoTrax XR Elite Max impressed me with the quality I got for the price. It also delighted with the improvements over the last generation. Even though this is a budget priced scooter, it really isn’t a budget quality scooter. So, I’d reccomend the XR Elite to anyone not wanting to break the bank or getting a scooter for the first time. I’ll also say that it’s ideal for bike lanes and college campuses. If you’re looking for a scooter to ride in city streets, I’d recommend something faster.

Ryan’s Takeaways

GoTrax began as a budget brand but has since continuously improved their scooter and offerings. The XR Elite Max is their first second generation model in 2023, and it tells me they’ve been working hard to develop the best scooters on the market. Right now this is probably the entry level scooter to get. The build and ride quality are simply uncommon for the price.