GoTrax XR Elite Review

The first scooter I bought. How does it hold up?

I’ve ridden plenty of electric scooters, starting with a razor scooter when I was a kid. I don’t know the range, speed, or power of the razor, but I remember it felt cool. When Bird and Lime came out with public scooters I was quick to hop on, but the cost or each ride put those rides to a stop. I wanted to ride a scooter for the convenience and fun, but I didn’t want to pay every time. After doing extensive research on scooters and some math to rationalize the purchase, the Gotrax XR Elite is the one I went with. Now that I’ve ridden it for a while, here’s what I think.

The Pros

  • Exceptional value for the price
  • Great Range
  • Large Deck
  • Simple Design

The Cons

  • Complicated Folding
  • Not Great Customer Service
  • Inconsistent Cruise Control

GoTrax XR Elite

Own your commute with the XR Elite. Not only can this model climb up to 15 degrees on steep city streets, it’s dual braking system and 18.6 mile per charge capabilities allows you to tackle your commute with ease.

The Features

The Fundamentals

  • 15.5 mph top speed
  • 18 mile range

Looking at the key performance stats, these are fantastic numbers. 15 mph is pretty standard for budget commuter scooters, making the XR Elite fit into this space nicely. The range is exceptional, as I’ve seen scooters sold for several hundred dollars more with less range. For example, the Hiboy S2 offers 17 miles of range and is about $200 more. That’s not to say its a worse scooter, but it lets you see the value the XR Elite Offers.

The Handlebars and Display

When evaluating handlebars I’m looking for a simple, sturdy design. Looking at the XR Elite, that’s what I see and feel. The handlebars themselves have a nice textured grip and give me ample space to hold on. They’re not super wide, which I know some people like, but I had no issues. On the right you get a simple throttle that feels responsive. It comes with a sticker that looks cheap, but luckily you can peel this right off. On the left you get a traditional handbrake, which I prefer over an electric throttle brake.

Again, I like simple designs. The display here is as simple as it gets. You get your speed and battery, which is all you really need. The display is lit extremely well, as I noticed that I could see it perfectly even in the bright summer sun. If you like simple, this is a good scooter.

My one con to call out here is that the battery display is pretty inconsistent with displaying how much charge you have. I often seem my battery dip down one or even two bars, only to miraculously come back up minutes later. This can cause anxiety, especially when you’re low on battery, so it’s something to keep in mind.

The Ride

The XR Elite has no dedicated suspension, but its pneumatic tires help smooth the ride. You definitely do feel the bumps in the road when you hit them, but I didn’t notice shaking or instability for the majority of my time on the scooter. Air filled tires I great for this reason, but they also come with the concern of being popped. I live in a pretty urban area with a lot of junk on the ground, so this is something I think about when riding. Other scooters offer solid tires, which may be better for someone worried about puncturing their tires.

When riding I was able to consistently get to and stay at 15 mph, even on lower battery levels. I ride primarily on trails around the city, so this is plenty fast. I also occasionally dip into bike lanes, and this speed feels great here too. When I do ride in a road without a bike lane, I do feel like I’m going slow. I frequently had to look around to make sure I’m not holding anyone up, and I felt a little uncomfortable being in that space. So, if you want to ride in streets where you could potentially be in traffic, I’d look elsewhere.

A big pro for the XR Elite is that the battery is in its deck, and the deck is huge. This means most of the weight of the scooter is right below your feet, making the ride feel balanced and stable. The Deck is one of the widest I’ve seen for budget scooters, and I had no trouble comfortably standing on the scooter.

The only major con of the ride to call out is the speed limit. The GoTrax XR Elite limits your speed to 15.5 mph, which in itself I don’t mind. It doesn’t do this too well, though. Anytime you start to accelerate near 15.5 mph it slows you down to 12-13 mph. You can feel like your held back, and after a couple seconds it regains a more constant speed.

GoTrax XR Elite

Own your commute with the XR Elite. Not only can this model climb up to 15 degrees on steep city streets, it’s dual braking system and 18.6 mile per charge capabilities allows you to tackle your commute with ease.

Who Should Buy the GoTrax XR Elite?

For anyone looking to get a simple electric scooter for a great price, this is my pick. I don’t think there’s a better value commuter scooter out there. It’s got standard speeds, exceptional range, and a noticeably lower price than similar scooters. You’d think that the quality would suffer because of this, but the deck is huge and the scooter feels solid. The only major drawback is a clunky folding system that just takes some getting used to. So, for those of you who just want something to get around your city with, this is the one for you.