Hiboy S2 Review

Hiboy S2

I’ve reviewed quite a few scooters now, and I can confidently say that the Hiboy S2 offers the best value electric scooter on the market. It’s the kind of product you hope to get when making any kind of purchase. The build quality is great, the performance is great, and you get all this for a price that makes sense. If you’re looking to get a mid range scooter without breaking $500, this is one to consider.

The Pros

  • Great Value
  • Quality Build
  • Easy Folding
  • Honeycomb Tires
  • Rear Suspension

The Cons

  • Suspension Not Great

Hiboy S2

Foldable and portable for adult daily use. Fast speed and long range for commuting or city adventuring. Hiboy beginners’ best choice.

The Features

Hiboy S2

The Fundamentals

  • 19 mph top speed
  • 17 mile range

Going back to the value, the Hiboy S2 has exactly what you would hope for in terms of raw performance stats. The 19 mile range is comfortably in mid-range scooter territory and is actually a little high for this price. The range is simply solid. Slightly cheaper scooters usually offer around 13 miles of range, while scooters that cost $800 and above can go all the way up to 40 miles. For basic commuting, though, 17 miles is just fine.

The Handlebars and Display

The Hiboy S2 offers fairly large handlebars and a small display. The handlebars themselves are a little meatier than similarly priced scooters but were a little narrow. They also have a nice texturing which makes them easy to grip. Moving inward you’ll find your throttle on the right and an electric brake on the left. The S2 also comes with a traditional brake. Pulling on the standard brake activates the electric brake, but its nice to have the two options. Overall the features here are pretty standard with no flaws to point out.

Now moving to the display we get one of the smallest I’ve seen, but it gets its job done just fine. It shows you’re battery and speed, and it also throws in temperature. I appreciate simple designs, so I’m a little mixed on the display of the Hiboy S2. It gives me everything I need and little more, but at the same time I find myself wishing the display looked a little nicer. It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t impress.

The last thing to call out, and this is one of my favorite features on any scooter, is the hook. The hook is there to help with folding and locking, but I love it for the utility. You can hang anything you need to bring with you more easily and it makes any electric scooter more useful.

The Ride

Hiboy S2

The Hiboy S2 is a mid range/budget electric scooter, and these rides generally don’t have the best suspensions. They’ll offer pneumatic tires or a small dedicated suspension to try to smooth out the ride, but these usually do very little. The same goes for the Hiboy S2, which does go a little further to smooth out your ride than other budget scooters do. The first major feature to call out are the honeycomb tires, which bring both pros and cons. The pros are that these tires are solid, which means they won’t pop, and that the air pockets help acts as a suspension. The key con is that, with all solid tires, they don’t cushion your ride as well as an air filled tire does. I prefer honeycomb tires because of their longevity, but I know many like pneumatic tires instead.

Next thing to call out is the S2s dual rear suspension. Most scooters in this price range have no suspension at all, so I was surprised to see this offered. While you can feel the suspension when you hop on the scooter or put a little pressure on it, I found that it doesn’t smooth the ride all that much. It is certainly better than electric scooters that don’t offer a suspension, but you’ll still feel bumps and shaking on rougher roads.

Moving past the suspension and thinking about the overall ride, the Hiboy S2 feels great. It consistently accelerated to its top speed and took on hills like a champ. Going 19 mph feels super fast on trails with bikes and pedestrians, and it didn’t seem to slow to ride in the road. Riding in 25 mph areas, especially in city or downtown environments, felt great. Slower scooters can make you feel like a burden in the street, but 19mph is just fast enough to feel confident riding alongside cars.

Hiboy S2

Foldable and portable for adult daily use. Fast speed and long range for commuting or city adventuring. Hiboy beginners’ best choice.

Who Should Buy the Hiboy S2?

The Hiboy S2 is the best mid range scooter for the money. It’s the least expensive scooter you can get that doesn’t make you compromise on anything. The speed is great, the range is great, and the ride feels good. Lower priced scooters make you deal with tradeoffs, usually leading to range anxiety or issues with customer support. More expensive scooters can give you bulkier scooters with huge ranges, but you often don’t need the features and power you get here. The Hiboy S2 stands out as the electric scooter that most people need, and it offers this for a great price.