NIU KQI2 Pro Review


The Pros

  • High Quality Construction
  • Great Looking Design
  • Consistent Ride

The Cons

  • Folding Requires Some Force

The NIU KQI2 Pro is an electric scooter I hear about every time I make a new video or post a new review. Those that have it swear it’s the number one scooter for commuting, so it’s about time I tried it out. Now after riding it, I’m inclined to agree. The combination of a stunning design, flawless build quality, and a great ride make it one of the best electric scooter’s I’ve ridden.

NIU KQi2 Pro

Meet your needs in style, without breaking the bank! The KQi2 has a clean minimalist design with a drum brake engineered to fit neatly inside the front wheel, integrated wiring, and swappable griptape.

The Features

The Fundamental Stats

  • Top Speed: 17.5 mph
  • Tested Range: 12 miles
  • Motor: 300 W

The Handlebars & Display

Niu KQi2 Handlebars and Display

The NIU KQi2 Pro is a mid range priced scooter, and we immediately notice this at the top of the scooter. While less expensive scooters can have hard, plastic grips, the KQi2 Pro offers large and comfortable handlebars. It also offers a fairly wide throttle, which makes it easier to consistently hold down on the acceleration. Another nice feature here is the huge headlight in the front. Cheaper scooters will come with a rinky dink flashlight in the front, but here I found the headlight to be pretty powerful.

Turning to the screen, the NIU KQi2 Pro offers exactly what I like – A simple, easy to see display. The text is large and clear, and it shows well even in sunlight.

The Folding & Tiller

NIU KQi2 Folding

The NIU KQi2 has folding that’s both good and bad. Folding the tiller down and latching it into place in the real wheel is super easy. They even boast a patented design on their website, and this part of folding the scooter is great. Popping the stem out of the back wheel is super easy too, as there’s a huge button in the back. The trouble comes when you want to lock the tiller back upright. While locking, you need to apply considerable force to make sure the tiller is standing vertically, otherwise the latch won’t catch. On the flipside, once I do get this stem latched correctly I had a lot of confidence in the connection.

One thing to note here is a nice bulky and sturdy kickstand. This doesn’t seem like something that needs to be called out, but the more scooter’s I’ve tried the more awful kickstands I’ve found.

The Wheels & Deck

NIU KQi2 deck and wheels

The deck of the NIU KQi2 is another place that highlights what you get when you upgrade from the budget price range. You’ll immediately notice the skateboard like deck tape at your feet. This is awesome and really makes you feel securely connected to the scooter. I also want to point out what you don’t notice. There are no seems, no scrappily put together parts, and no welded seems. The KQi2 boasts a seamless design, and this makes it one of the best looking scooters out there. Instead of getting an industrial looking machine, like so many other scooters, you look like you’re riding a modern piece of technology.

The NIU KQi2 Pro comes with 10 in. pneumatic tires, which is an upgrade from the 8 in. tires you’ll find on budget scooters. These are the same size wheels you’ll find on rental scooters like Bird and Lime. They keep you high off the ground, offer some suspension, and provide a premium feel. Definitely a big plus for the KQi2 Pro.

The Ride

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All of the parts come together to give the NIU KQi2 Pro a great ride. It’s stand out quality here is the great power of acceleration. Budget scooters often have fair top speeds, but they somewhat sluggishly get to them. The KQi2 gives a nice jolt of acceleration as soon as you hit the throttle, and this is actually a big deal. I loved this when riding in city streets because I could quickly get to top speed and not feel like a burden to any other cars in the road. I found that I got to the 17.5 mph top speed consistently, but on inclines I only reached 14 mph.

Another accolade I’d give the NIU KQi2 Pro is that it feels very safe. The 10 in. tires give a nice smooth ride, and the deck tape makes you feel super secure. The brakes are also very responsive, so much so that you really need to lean back when you hit them. Overall you feel like you’re on a well built machine you can trust.

NIU KQi2 Pro

Meet your needs in style, without breaking the bank! The KQi2 has a clean minimalist design with a drum brake engineered to fit neatly inside the front wheel, integrated wiring, and swappable griptape.

Who Should Buy The NIU KQi2 Pro?

The NIU KQi2 pro is a highly recommended scooter, and I echo that recommendation. It’s a high quality scooter and because of this it asks a fair (middle of the road) price. It’s not a budget scooter and it’s also not a premium scooter, so I’d recommend the KQi2 pro for someone who is going to use it consistently to get around. Budget scooters are best for the “last-mile” type distances, but this is a scooter you’ll want to ride your whole journey. You do have to pay a bit more than you would for a budget scooter, but the bigger tires, strong acceleration, and comfortable ride are worth the extra money.

Ryan’s Takeaways

The NIU KQi2 Pro is one of the first mid range (and mid price) scooters I’ve tried. I started with budget scooters because they we’re all I could afford, and I became pretty familiar with what kind of performance I could expect for that price range. Now upgrading a little the NIU KQi2 pro is a great example of the quality you get when you spend a little more. The scooter look great, rides great, and is frankly worth the money. It’s one of the top scooter’s I’d recommend and probably a middle ground most buyers should consider.