Unagi Model 11 & Hype For The Next Gen

Unagi Model 11

A Leap Forward In Technology

I am super excited for the Unagi Model 11. If you read or watched any of my reviews, you know I’m all about one thing: value. Great stats and quality for a fair price is my ideal combination. I don’t really care too much for add-ons and fancy extras, but the Model 11 is different. When I saw the first development video and looked through the Indiegogo project page I felt like a kid putting a new toy on my Christmas list. Electric scooters have been making developments, but they’ve mostly been around polishing features or increasing value. The Model 11 looks like a leap forward in technology and something that can transform how mobility looks. Let’s take a look at what Unagi is advertising with the Model 11 and climb aboard the hype train.

The Design

Unagi Model 11

As soon as I saw the Unagi Model 11 I was hooked. It just looks so fluid. The color and texture is clean and smooth, and the whole scooter looks like one coherent machine. Most electric scooters today look a bit mechanical, and you can clearly differentiate among different parts. The Model 11 looks like every single part was made to perfectly go together (and it was designed this way).

The Handlebars & Display

Unagi Model 11
The overall design of the Unagi Model 11 has a beautiful symmetry and, in my opinion, improves upon the model one. It simplifies everything to make for a neater design. Here’s a good time to go into what makes the Model 11 so much cooler than the already cool model one. The Unagi model one is a futuristic looking scooter, but after I saw the model 11 I realized something. The model one looks kind of like how technology looked in the early 2000s. Think of the first iPod or that small robotic dog thing everyone seemed to have. At this time modern and futuristic meant looking chrome. On the flipside the Unagi Model 11 looks more akin to modern technology: lots of black and a matte finish.

Getting back on track, the grips themselves have a more refined finish than most grips today. Unagi is seeming to stick with larger paddles for the throttle and electric break, which I think is fine. Any kind of throttle you can press with your thumb is fine in my book. Now getting to the display, I love this. I’ve kind of been getting at this in my reviews but haven’t ever explicitly thought or expressed this, but my ideal display is a circle. Funny how Unagi model 11 made me realize that by giving it to me. Something about a perfect circle allows everything to fit perfectly within the confines. The model 11 provides your speed in large numbers, your battery life above, and some other ancillary stats. Once again Unagi has designed my favorite interface.

The Deck & Tires

Unagi Model 11

The deck of the Unagi Modell 11 looks great and improves upon the Model one. The first noticeable change is the shrinking and simplification of the Unagi name. You can now find it in small letters towards the front. I hate having brand names splashed largely on any product I own, so this is a plus for me. It also has a very aesthetic symmetry in the front and back, sloping up at the same angle on both sides.

Going to the tires we get a huge upgrade in the form of a suspension. I’m not exactly sure what to this kind of suspension is called, but it looks like the tires are cradling the rest of the scooter. This gives the suggestion that the scooter is almost floating. The tires themselves are the first foam filled tires offered on an electric scooter, promising to be resistant to popping while also offering some shock absorption

The Features

Unagi Model 11 comparison

The Unagi Model 11 is jam packed with features that you can see above. Quick disclaimer that this graphic is from the Unagi site, so they of course design it to show only the ways that they’re superior. With that being said there’s a lot of cool stuff going on, some that I think is useful and some that’s probably not.

The Fundamentals

  • 20 mph top speed
  • 15.5 mile range

Starting off with raw stats, the Unagi Model 11 is a premium scooter which means you trade off some performance for a quality build and design. To be delicate, for $1690 this is not good. In this price range you can buy an electric scooter that’s a full on vehicle and crushes this in terms of speed and range. So, the only way to think about this scooter in a realistic way is to focus on it just being a super premium commuter scooter. So, this is not going to be for the person that wants value. This is going to be for the tech junkie/

The Useful Stuff

Unagi Modell 11

There are a lot of cool additions offered with the Unagi Model 11, the first being a swappable battery. Any part of the scooter failing can damage the longevity of your ride, and other than tires battery is probably number one. Unagi has clearly designed this to be a scooter that lasts a long time, with the suspension absorbing impacts and the foam filled tires being resistant to piercing. The last key step is to make the battery changeable, this way you can keep the same frame just swap out the battery source. Unagi also has best in class customer support, making sure the scooter works. All in all even though the Model 11 has a steep price, the quality may make it a good value purchase in the long run.

The weight of the Unagi Model 11 is also best in class, and for those of you who haven’t owned a scooter before this isn’t trivial. Most electric scooters can be picked up and carried around, but once you start pushing 30lbs or so it becomes a little unreasonable. The Model 11 is built out of a special carbon composite, allowing it to be less dense than similar scooters. Electric scooters are all about getting you around, so portability is a huge factor.

Unagi Model 11 specs

The Future of Electric Scooters

Although the Unagi Model 11 is a pricey electric scooter, it represents the future of electric scooters. Up until now most scooters have simply been the sum of their parts. Handlebars, a deck, some wheels, and a motor put together to create a ride. The Model 11 represents a intentional design where all the parts have been made to coherently go together. It really looks like a legitimate vehicle. It also makes some strides forward with a new kind of tire for electric scooters, a unique suspension, and the addition of GPS and tracking technology. I imagine that the Modell 11 will be too pricey for many people to buy when it comes out, but over time the price should fall. Other scooters will advance in technology as well, and soon enough we’ll all be riding scooters like this.