Unagi Model One Voyager Review

Unagi Model One Voyager

The Unagi Model One Voyager is Unagi’s second iteration of its flagship electric scooter and offers double the range for only a small price increase. However, if you’re looking at this scooter you probably already know, it’s an expensive commuter scooter. It’s especially expensive considering the base stats (speed, range, power) it offers. The Unagi instead prioritizes luxury and ease of use, and the Voyager does a great job of delivering on these focuses. Still, with the high price I think it’s a tough sell, but the rental program they offer is actually very compelling. For someone in need of a low maintenance rental ride for several months (or maybe even longer) this is a scooter to consider.

The Pros

  • Great Design
  • Best in Class Folding
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Great Rental Program

The Cons

  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Low Stats for the Price
  • Sometimes Bumpy Ride

Unagi Model One Voyager

Soar through the cityscape on a whisper of wind with our ethereal, ultra-portable e-scooter. Glide effortlessly into the horizon, leaving constraints and costs behind. Embrace the boundless journey and reimagine the poetry of urban travel – the dream is now within reach.

The Features

The Fundamental Stats

  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Tested Range: 12 miles
  • Motor: Dual motors- 1000W

I don’t usually comment on the stats because they usually line up with the price range, but here they don’t. Unagi offers stats similar to what you can find on a scooter at half the price. Here we have to remember (and I have to tell myself) that Unagi is focusing on a luxury market and is delivering luxury. So buying the scooter is a tough sell for many, but the rental is actually a great deal.

The Handlebars & Display

Unagi Model One Voyager Handlebars

The Unagi Model One Voyager comes with visually and functionally simple handlebars. The grips aren’t the cheap plastic you’d find on budget scooters, but also aren’t cushy grips that you find on higher priced scooters. Instead they’re similar to the feel you’d get from bike grips, and they provide a lot of traction. Moving inwards we find two paddles. The left acts as the brake and the right as the acceleration.

Moving to the center of the Unagi Model One Voyager we find the classic combination of a screen and singular button. Here Unagi provides the basics like speed and battery, but everything has a bit of sophistication. The screen melts gently into the rest of the scooter in just a really pleasing way. As I describe the scooter I start to realize the allure it has. Everything just looks and functions so nicely. That is except for the “bell”. The button above the brake throttle acts as your bell, but it emits an annoying beeping noise. It sounds like a noise a microwave would make.

The Folding & Tiller

Unagi Model One Voyager Folding

The Unagi Model One Voyager has the most elegant folding I’ve tried on any electric scooter. This title formally went to the Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP, and this was because I simply had no issue folding. The Unagi takes it a step farther and makes it even easier with the “one button” system. From here it folds down, folds up, and latches very easily. The nice part is you don’t need to latch the tiller anywhere. It automatically locks horizontally from the stem, simplifying the process.

The ease of folding is in part due to the lightweight design of the scooter. The Unagi Model One Voyager comes in just shy of 30lbs, making it one of the lightest and most portable commuters on the market. For me, this is one of the biggest selling points. It’s much easier than other, heftier scooters to really take around. As someone who lives in an apartment and is constantly taking scooters in and out, It was a relief to be able to easily get this scooter in and out of the building.

The Wheels & Deck

Unagi Model One Voyager Deck

The wheels and deck is where the Unagi Model One Voyager starts to suffer. The pro of its lightweight design comes with the tradeoff of a small deck and small wheels. Now for the deck I didn’t have any issue with the size, but it was certainly noticeably smaller than that of other commuter scooters. Heavier riders, though, are likely to have some space issues here. The narrow deck also contributes to giving the scooter a very nimble feel. The con of this is you don’t feel as substantial and sturdy as you do on bigger rides.

The real weakness of the Unagi Model One Voyager (Or pro depending on what you like) comes from the 7.5 in solid tires. The solid nature, small size, and lack of suspension all come together to make a scooter that doesn’t weather bumps too well. On a fairly smooth road I felt fine, and this is where I spend most of my time riding. On city streets and bike lanes I had no issues at all with the tires and smoothness of the ride. On bumpier paths like sidewalks and brick trails I ran into some trouble and found myself avoiding obstacles. I definitely felt every seam in the sidewalk and every imperfection in the road, but it’s really not too bad. That pro I mentioned is the low maintenance of solid tires. If you know you’ll be riding on a pretty smooth trail or road, you’ll actually love the tires because there’s no fear of them getting pierced.

Unagi Model One Voyager Wheel

The Ride

The Unagi Model One Voyager provides a ride that can be best described as “peppy”. When you first pull the throttle you definitely get a rush of excitement as you feel the strength of the motor, and this is further enhanced by the smart design. The lightweight build combined with 1000 W maximum power gives the scooter a really strong acceleration and allows it to be very nimble. This is a stark departure from many other scooters, whose heavier builds and weaker motors cause them to take some time getting up to full speed. So if you’re looking for fun and excitement the Voyager definitely delivers.

Where the Unagi Model One Voyager suffers, though, is in the smoothness and security of the ride. The decision to make the wheels solid combined with the lack of a true suspension means that you definitely feel every bump in the road. For me this just meant being more vigilant of obstacles in the road and hopping off and walking when necessary. So if you’re someone who appreciates the maintenance free nature of the wheels this isn’t too much of a tradeoff, just a different style of riding.

The lightweight design and narrow deck, despite giving a thrilling ride, become very apparent as you pick up speed. I felt very aware that I was on a small scooter and didn’t feel the same stability I’ve found on more substantial scooters. I in no way felt like I was in danger or was worried that the voyager would fail me, but I did grip the handlebars a little firmer and paid more attention to the road.

Who Should Buy The Unagi Model One Voyager?

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The true value of the Unagi Model One Voyager lies in its rental program. Because the Voyager prioritizes build quality, design, and ease of use over value (stats for price) outright buying the scooter is a tough sell. I will say, though I really do see why someone would choose the Unagi. It’s super easy to take in and out of my apartment, it looks great as a form of transportation, and I never had to worry about my scooter needing maintenance. If you’re looking to minimize hassle, this is the scooter for you

The rental program, the real star of the show, leans into the Unagi Model One Voyager’s easy to use and maintenance free value proposition. The price is much more fair and doable for most people, and it seems like the perfect deal for a whole host of people. Interns in a new city for the summer, travel nurses working temporarily in a different state, or people who just want a ride for the summer would all benefit from the rental program. If you also just want a scooter without the big price tag and commitment, it’s a great offer. No other brand really offers anything like this.

I can also personally attest to how easy it is to order and eventually return a rental. Though the Voyager was sent to me, when I reviewed the original Unagi Model One I rented the scooter to save myself the money. It came quickly and returning it was a snap. I was able to work with a real person who handled my return and was very responsive. I’ve been a homeowner for about a year and now that I’m not a renter I can really start to see the benefit of renting (I’ve dealt with a lot of issues and repairs!)

Unagi Model One Voyager

Soar through the cityscape on a whisper of wind with our ethereal, ultra-portable e-scooter. Glide effortlessly into the horizon, leaving constraints and costs behind. Embrace the boundless journey and reimagine the poetry of urban travel – the dream is now within reach.

Ryan’s Takeaways

The Unagi Model One Voyager comes with a price tag that immediately made me question the scooter. If you look at my review of the Unagi Model One you can see that I came down pretty hard on it because of the lack of value. The Voyager (and original model one) really are great scooters though, and I can confidently recommend the rental program. Buying these scooters outright is a tough sell, but the rental program is one of a kind, fairly priced, and echoes the ease of use and low maintenance features that the Voyager prioritizes. If you’re looking for a temporary scooter or just want to try a personal scooter before buying one, I highly recommend the Unagi rental program.